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Payment :
We have different type of payment option. For the small item but expensive item we take payment from 2check out for the customer satisfaction. For the very large quantity we take payment via wire transfer to our account. And also we accept credit card, visa card, master card etc

Note :
Your order will not be shipped until conformation of payment or receipt of payment.

Shipment :
Our goal is to provide the best service to our customers; here are some options to choose a shipping system and delivery service to place your order. We export our products to all around the world. To ensure a safe and secure delivery, we have very good relation with cargo and couriers company as we have been exporting our product for more then a decade ago, we give very good price for our shipment guaranteed as we are a member of FEDEX, TNT, DHL, for couriers and SPEED WAY CARGO and DAS CARGO for airport to airport shipment.

Airport to Airport shipment :
The Air Cargo shipment method is most practical and easier way of receiving the orders on time. So, if you are ordering about 45 kilos plus; the air cargo will be the right carrier because you can receive your order with in a week or 15 days except in some special cases. Air cargo will deliver your order in your specified airport so that you can receive your order by your local handling agent. This type of shipment is best for wholesaler or retailer.

Door to Door shipment :
The door to door shipment or Air Courier shipment , this method is the best if you want to received yours good quickly or to see the sample of ours product in your specified placed.

Products Packaging:
We are very much concerned with the quality of products packaging and our clients satisfaction, so every and up most care is taken before delivery of products, we packed according to the product type with the soft form and bubble rap and packed in a special plywood box for a safe delivery.

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