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Shakyamuni Buddha
Name :
Shakya muni buddha
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Description :
Sakayamuni Buddha was born in Lumbini in the Southern Nepal, twenty five hundred years ago. Since his time, Nepal has been a
sacred ground for Buddhism, as the birthplace of the Buddha. Buddha was born to a royal family. His mother queen Mayadevi had
a dream of a white elephant with nine tusks come down to her from the heavens and enter her body. When her delivery time
approached, en-route to her parents home, she gave birth to Siddhartha in the garden of Lumbini. The prince is said to have
emerged from her right side as she rested her arm on the branch of a fig tree.
For years he fasted, meditated and spent his time in painful search to find a way to end suffering. On a full moon night in the
north Indian town of Bodhgayo, as he meditated under a bodhi tree, Siddhartha had a direct realization of nirvana (eternal peace),
This transformed the prince into a BUDDHA. He spent the rest of his time guiding people towards nirvana, love, and friendship. He
left this world at the age of eighty-four, having exhausted his human body for the sake of all sentient beings. Buddha is Peace, and
Guatama Buddha is believed to have 550 incarnations. He was born in 563 B.C. in Lumbini, West Nepal. He had attained "knowledge"
after 6 years of fasting and meditation from which he became the enlightened one.
Size :
10 inch
Weight :
Made Of :
Adina wood
Price :
US$ 59.99
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